BYD Company Limited

BYD Company Limited. is a leading high-tech multinational based in Shenzhen, China. Since its founding in 1995, it has developed its expertise in the field of rechargeable batteries and has thus become a pioneer of sustainable development.

Byd company products include rechargeable batteries and photovoltaic electronic parts and components.

BYD has successfully expanded its renewable energy solutions through operations in more than 50 countries. After 22 years of development, BYD has created a Zero Emissions Energy Ecosystem. Which stands for affordable photovoltaic energy, reliable energy storage, cutting-edge electric transport and a state of the art monorail. These Four Green Dreams make BYD the market leader in power and transportation.

BYD Company Limited

BYD Company Limited is listed on the Hong Kong and Shenzhen Stock Exchange. For more information, visit

This company is also engaged in the manufacture and sales of electronic parts, sales of transportation equipment, components and electronic devices for daily use.

As the world‘s largest Electric Vehicle manufacturer, BYD brings the highest safety and performance standards to residential and commercial battery solutions. With its innovation and reliability, BYD and the Battery-Box gain a lot of recognition. Examples are the EUPD seal for top Brand for Storage or the;innovation Award of PV Magazine for the Battery-Box HV

BYD Europe was the first foreign branch of the Chinese BYD Company in 1998. The first activity was the import of BYD batteries. New businesses are added within a few years, including the sale of photovoltaic panels. Since 2012 the portfolio has been expanded with electric buses, forklifts and taxis. Energy storage and – very soon – electric trucks are also part of this nowadays.

BYD Company Limited

With more than 650 electric buses sold, BYD Company is the largest and most successful supplier of electric buses in Europe. Two years ago, European bus production moved from China to two factories in Hungary and France.

The Hungarian factory in Komarom has since built e-buses for Dutch customers Connexxion and Syntus and the Swedish bus company Nobina. The special 12-meter-long buses for Brussels Airport Company and the bus chassis for customers in the United Kingdom also come from Hungary.

The factory in Beauvais, France, arranges the assembly of electric bus for the French market and has, since opening in October 2018, delivered various e-buses to three cities in France.

BYD batteries come with a warranty of 10 years or 10,000 working hours, which is a lot longer than what competitors currently offer. After 8 years, the battery still has a residual capacity of 65% and can handle at least 4,000 charges. Moreover, full charging takes 2 hours at most. Intermediate loads do not cause any damage.

The Li-Fe battery guarantees a favorable consumption, lower internal resistance (no heat development) and the battery pack is completely maintenance-free. Because no acids or heavy metals are used, they can be completely recycled without burdening the environment.

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