Kioto Solar is fully committed to the goal of using the sun as the primary source of power and heat for global energy supplies. With sun and water on the way to freedom. We are making Europe energy self-sufficient step by step.

They work together with the best PV specialists and leading experts. With innovative products and intelligent solutions, we provide the answer to the challenges of climate change. We live responsibility without sacrificing comfort or the highest standards.

Photovoltaic modules means independent in the energy future. A photovoltaic system for the business makes it possible.

Many industrial companies have a high power requirement, especially when the sun supplies free energy. That’s why your own photovoltaic system is ideal.

The home power requirement can be covered to a large extent and so the monthly electricity costs can be reduced significantly.

Since commercial enterprises have a high own consumption of electricity, the investment in their own photovoltaic system is profitable in a very short time.

A light module from kioto is extremely solid. The power modules are high efficient.


Quality assurance plays a key role at KIOTO PV panels because only the best products ensure our long-term success. We guarantee the highest quality as well as resource-saving and highly automated production processes.

It’s a nice feeling to be known as “THE PIONEER” when it comes to photovoltaics and thermal energy. However, this name is not entirely undeserved. Twenty-five years ago, we dealt with the subject of energy efficiency and constantly worked on the optimization of our photovoltaic systems.

Today, KIOTO is one of the leading system suppliers in the thermal and photovoltaic sectors. KIOTO has an annual output of 150 MW photovoltaic modules and 15,000 freshwater and stratified charge modules.

There products contain 100% quality from Austria. From the first innovative ideas, over the production, to the full program in terms of service. At KIOTO everything comes from Austrian hands!

Quality management
The management system ensures that the goals of the company are understood, observed and implemented by all employees. In order to assess quality, quality-relevant key figures were compiled that reflect the degree of fulfillment of the target groups.

Whose ongoing monitoring quickly and precisely identifies deviations from the objectives set, thus enabling a targeted correction of these deviations.

Environmental management
A set goal of KIOTO Austria is to handle carefully, consciously and deliberately with the available, natural resources. Thus to minimize emitting environmental pollution.

Not only are we committed to producing sustainable products for the future. But we are committed to thinking and acting for our customers for decades to come.

Health and safety
Accidents are never coincidences. We consistently analyze the circumstances that could have led or could have led to an accident in the workplace and initiate appropriate corrective actions.

The German company Photon has tested the most common brands of photovoltaic panels. These are the more famous brands like Kioto Austria. We recommend that you purchase PV modules from brands tested by Photon. These are brands that have been around for a long time and have a reputation.

With other unknown brands, you run a high risk in this area. Recently, many unknown Chinese brands have emerged, which only exist very recently and whose quality varies considerably. And also in terms of guarantee, the question is whether these companies still exist in the future.