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As a manufacturer, it is our responsibility to question existing technologies and improve products. For this reason, we have spent a long time looking into the problems of previous battery storage systems and, together with our experienced team of experts in the field of inverter technology, developed a novel solution: a flexible and reliable storage system that impresses with its quality and simplicity of installation and application.

The newly designed storage systems from RCT Power make it possible to use solar energy intelligently and to make homes energy-independent. We are one of the few manufacturers that develops complete battery systems and inverters and optimally coordinates them. The customer receives a system from one source and at the same time optimal service for all system components.

“We believe in the sustainability of photovoltaic energy, so together with the best engineers, we have re-thought storage technology, resulting in a flexible and reliable storage solution that impresses with its simplicity.”

– Thomas Hauser, Managing Director.
High-voltage technology from Lake Constance

RCT Power GmbH is a manufacturer of inverters and stationary storage solutions for private residential buildings. The company is based in Konstanz on Lake Constance. Here, an experienced team of experts from the field of power electronics is working on innovative solutions for a better and long-term use of PV energy. Many of our employees come from the former R & D team of Sunways AG.

We are convinced that innovative products, quality and service are the key to success. This applies in particular to the photovoltaic industry. In doing so, we always attach great importance to simple and flexible solutions that are particularly sustainable and reliable. With our novel high-voltage technology we create a completely new feeling of independence. Experience it yourself: Our team will be happy to advise you.

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Together we are stronger. We support you in the successful energy storage systems for residential homes and commercial buildings and facilities.

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The best storage system under 8kWh is available at RCT Power // November 2018
University of Applied Sciences Berlin publishes results of its power storage inspection 2018: The best storage system under 8kWh is available at RCT

How efficient are the PV storage systems that the German market has to offer? That’s what HTW Berlin wanted to know. So she looked at the data from 20 storage systems with up to 10.5 kWh of memory size and developed according to the new efficiency guidelines the respective System Performance Index (SPI), which takes into account all energy loss mechanisms. Thus, the study provides realistic values for the actual performance of the storage systems.

Thomas Hauser, Managing Director of RCT Power GmbH, explains in an interview why the study is so important for his company.

Mr. Hauser, did you expect this result?
Well, yes, we already counted on one of the top places, because we sent our system into the race with a good advantage: Both the battery and the inverter are from RCT. As a German manufacturer, we therefore offer a complete and perfectly coordinated system. Of course, the fact that we finish in first place in the systems below 8 kWh is a nice confirmation for us, especially as we have submitted data externally.

External data? You have to explain that in more detail.
With pleasure. We considered the study a great opportunity to see how our system competes. RCT Power had the measurements according to the efficiency guidelines carried out, and then submitted these data to the HTW Berlin.

And the result was probably excellent …
Exactly. Our System, which consists of the Power Storage DC 6.0 and the Power Battery 5.7, is, according to the conclusion of the reviewer, “one of the best systems ever measured in our lab.” All results were above average and the BFH-TI Certified the RCT Power System a high conversion efficiency as well as an extremely accurate and extremely fast control.