PERC stands for Passivated Emitter Rear Cell; passively made cell back. That has many advantages. PERC ensures better flow through, indeed, better streamlining.

With a normal solar cell, the entire back is conductive. A kind of aluminum paste is applied to the entire back. When a photon, an appearance of electromagnetic radiation, flashes through, it ends up on the conductive back and the energy in the form of heat is lost as electricity.

With PERC technology, non-conductive lines are applied to the back of the solar cell. These ensure that the electrons released by the photons can only flow to the rear on a certain part of the solar cell. The overshot photons are reflected back into the solar cell on the non-conductive lines. This considerably increases the chance that the photon releases an electron – and thus provides electricity. The ideal solar cell does not reflect light and converts one hundred percent of the energy collected into electricity.

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