BYD B-BOX L 3.5 kWh | Lithium battery storage 3.5kWh

BYD B-BOX L 3.5 kWh is the smallest manufactured for energy storage systems. For home energy storage ON Grid / ON Grid + Backup power systems with low voltage. High efficient with the SMA sunny island 4.4 / 6.0 and the 8.0.

BYD produces lithium solutions for all application areas; from household to commercial applications, and provides 10 years performance warranty! From 3.5 to 42kWh all lithium iron phosphate for the lowest price and highest efficienty.

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BYD B-BOX L 3.5 kWh | Lithium battery storage 3.5kWh

Extensive life testing, and road track record show the highest levels of reliability and long life. BYD brings the highest safety and performance standards to residential and commercial solutions

BYD batteries are used in both electric vehicles and stationary storage systems. When storing energy from PV panels, BYD focuses on the diverse requirements of on and off-grid applications.

The B-Box LV is a real storage solution that can be scaled up from 3.5 to 42 kilowatt hours connected in parallel.With a future firmware update and with the approval of compatible inverters a capacity expansion up to 57.6 kilowatt hours is possible.

Suitable for different inverter manufacturers. To become energy independence is not that expencieve with these batteries.

The energy storage is compatible with SMA battery inverters and low voltage hybrid inverters. Therefore suitable for retrofitting into existing installations. The system is easy to install due to the modular lithium units and the patented cordless plug-in system.

With solar lithium management system bms for:

  • Passive balancing
  • Auto power down to deep-sleep mode.
  • Wakeup on: Boot button, Boot line, Communication, charge controller.
  • CAN communication
  • Smart System protocol
  • Readout of defective lithium cells
  • Multiple temperature sensor, Drop sensors, Moister sensor
  • Cell based over/under voltage protection
  • Pack overload and peak currrent protection
  • Over/Under Temperature protection

BYD offers a guaranteed capacity for 10 years for a capacity of more than 80 percent of the “useful” capacity.

The lithium Box LV 3.5 kWh are 48V lithium batteriestechnology with a flexible and modular design with no cables inside. One Battey-Box LV contains up to 4 modules B-Plus L 3.5 in parallel connection. And achieves amount of energy between 3.5 and 14.0 kWh storage capacity.

By adding a lithium solar battery ( up to 3 Box LV in parallel ), the capacity can be chosen individually in 3.5 kWh steps to a maximum of 42.0 kWh.

Solar power is now always within reach, even when the sun is not shining.

With its innovation and reliability, BYD and the B-Box gain a lot of recognition. Examples are the EUPD seal for SMA sunny storage, or the innovation Award of PV Magazine for the Box LV.

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