RCT power battery Lithium 11.5 kWh

Solar battery lithium 11.5 kwh for Use in your photovoltaic systems. The stored energy is a central issue for owners of solar systems. With the RCT Power Battery 11.5 kWh, we offer a resource-saving and, above all, safe solution for the energy management of private residential and commercial buildings.

You become more independent of your energy supplier and can make your energy needs more efficiently. Even power failure is no longer an issue. Thanks to the emergency power supply, you always have the light on.

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Solar battery RCT Lithium 11.5 kWh

Flexible and retrofittable

The high-voltage Lithium bank from RCT guarantees maximum efficiency and independence. The modular system can be retrofitted and adapts to the requirements of the user. Thus, the system grows as the number of consumers increases or, for example, an electric car is added. Of course in a shapely design.

Technology made in Germany

The battery technology from Germany convinces through safety and longevity. The energy storage for solar power consists of lithium iron phosphate cells, German connection technology and a very high-quality German battery management system.

Lithium iron phosphate cells are among the safest lithium-ion batteries. A DC/AC inverter from RCT-power.com is nessesary to manage the battery bank.

PV charge controllers inverter from RCT-power.com is necessary to manage the bank. The Storage AC battery inverter distributes the photovoltaic energy system particularly intelligently, and optimizing the yields. A BMS is protecting the Lithium.

Programmable switching outputs ensure that surplus electricity is not supplied to the grid. But purposefully to other consumers in the household, such as heat pumps or electric cars ( V2G ).

Through this charging strategy, the RCT Storage AC offers a deployment optimization to balance the generation and consumption of electricity in the overall system. This benefits not only the individual household, but also the public electricity grid systems.

The battery storage systems lifetime is an important issue, especially in terms of sustainability. Therefore, we pay special attention to extend this.

POWER options: 

nominal capacity11,5 kWh
number of cycles5000 at 80% remaining capacity
nominal voltage461 V
max. charging/discharging current20 A / 20 A
Stand-by consumption‹ 5,0 W
time value guarantee10 years

The RCT Power Storage AC keeps the charging and discharging currents low due to high voltages, thus minimizing the temperature cycles in the Lithium. Especially with Li cells of all types of life is significantly increased.

The home power output from the solar panels can be stored directly with this grid tie inverter into the storage product. The Storage AC is an hybrid inverter.

Like all RCT Power systems inverters, the RCT Storage AC includes a very efficient heat sink that guarantees noiseless and maintenance-free cooling. With minimal means, without noise pollution and permanently.

The battery and AC connection can be made without tools via plug & play. RCT Power App does the commissioning. Parameters for different countries are already preinstalled, and the power flow direction sensor RCT Sensor can also be easily connected.

A traditional lead-acid battery cannot compete with lithium performance and efficienty. Ask your solar installer for the possibilities.

The compact and lightweight case made of durable aluminium facilitates installation work and completes the elegant design.

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