SMA Sunny Home Manager

SMA Sunny Home Manager 2.0 SMA HM-20 is the intelligent energy management of SMA. Makes efficient use of solar power when possible. Optimising the own consumption of PV and reduces electricity costs considerably.

It is using local PV generation forecasts and the measured profile of household consumption. The self-learning device will make recommendations to the user.

Install the Manager 2.0 on the grid connection point and the internet router. ¬†Register the PV system in hte Portal. It’s an indispensable device when applying home storage solutions. The PV System Setup Assistant will guide you step by step.

This device is indispensable with lithium battery storage.

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Sunny Home Manager 2.0 | Home energy management system

Smart home controlling device for intelligent energy management including integrated performance measurement. Connected to a local network via Ethernet, it measures bidirectional one, two or three phases. This single device is capable of controlling the surplus for grid feed or what flows in the household.

In collaboration with radio controlled sockets for household appliances, control over home energy is easier and more cost will be saved! With the home energy manager the surplus can be significantly reduced.

In collaboration with radio-controlled sockets for household appliances, control over home electricity is easier and more cost will be saved!

With standard access to the SMA solar home energy manager Portal, it is the perfect solution for simple plant monitoring. It gives an overview of all electricity flows in the household. A representation of the recommended actions and even ensures automatic control of the consumers using wireless sockets.

The home manager learns the typical consumption behaviour of the household and combines this information with an installation-specific PV generation forecast. SMA Manager increases the share of self-consumption, reduces your use of the public network and makes ecologically optimal energy efficiency consumption possible.

The manager controls some functions of the Sunny Boy Storage battery inverter, Boy and Tripower solar inverters. the Sunny Home Manager Bluetooth and the SMA Energy Meter in a single device. Perfect for off-grid situations with the SMA Island battery inverter.

At this moment the Sunny Home energy Manager is ONLY compatible with the Edimax SP-2101W WLAN radio-controlled socket. Other WLAN radio-controlled sockets from Edimax cannot currently be controlled by this manager.

  • Connection to the local router

    Ethernet cable (10/100 Mbit/s, RJ45 plug)

  • examples of applications

    intelligent heat pumps, electric car charging stations, heating elements, household appliances and Battery storage.

  • Total number of devices in the system

    up to 24

  • Nominal voltage

    230 V/400 V

  • Dimensions (W/H/D)

    70 mm/88 mm/65 mm

  • Mounting location

    Switch or meter cabinet

  • Update function

    Automatic for the Sunny Home Manager and the connected SMA devices

  • Warranty

    2 years

  • Certificates and approvals


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