Ulica solar 370 Wp perc | Mono-crystalline photovoltaic power panel

Ulica solar 370 Wp perc has most modern solar cells technologies. Perfect photovoltaic panels for residential alternative energy systems with higher energy and increasing efficiency. Thanks to perc cell technology, these PV modules have a cell efficiency of 21.2%. Ulica produces mono-crystalline and poly-crystalline PV power panels, suitable for all types of residential and commercial energy projects.

PERC technology stands for Passivated Emitter Rear Cell; passively made cell back. That has many advantages. PERC ensures better flow through, indeed, better streamlining.

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Ulica solar 370 Wp perc | Mono-crystalline photovoltaic power panel

With a standard photovoltaic cell, the entire rear surface is conductive as an aluminium surface passivation, paste for the whole back. When a photon, an appearance of electromagnetic radiation, flashes through, it ends up on the conductive back and the energy in the form of heat loss as electricity.

With PERC cell technology, non-conductive lines on to the back of the photovoltaic cell. These ensure that the electrons released by the photons can only flow to the rear on a specific part of the solar silicon cell. The overshot photons are reflecting into the cell on the non-conductive lines. Considerably increases the chance that the photon releases an electron – and thus provides electricity. The ideal photovoltaic cell does not reflect light and converts one hundred percent of the energy collected into electrical solar power.

The Ulica photovoltaic power panel guaranteed higher energy yields with any solar system. The perc PV cells with passivated emitter and rear cell technology are uniek in the solar industry. The manufacturing process is very different from normal mono crystalline solar PV boards. Passivated Emitter Rear Cell, it is a relatively new technique to improve the efficiency of panels that are converting the sun energy into electrical power. It’s done by applying an extra layer on the back of the cell in which many small holes have been punched per square meter.


MONO CRYSTALLINE MODULE Positive power tolerance of 0~+3%
ISO9001:2008、ISO14001:2004、OHSAS18001 certified factory.
IEC61215、IEC61730 certified products.

Outstanding mechanical load resistance:

Snow load 5400 PA ( frontside ), and wind load 3800 Pa on the backside.

High Efficiency:
Higher module conversion efficiency(up to 21.2 %) benefit from Passivated Emmiter Rear Contact (PERC) technology.

Ulica solar 370 Wp perc | Mono-crystalline photovoltaic power panel

  • 12 years product warranty and 25 years linear performance guarantee.
  • Use of PID-resistant module components.
  • Maximum load capacity (5,400 Pa) with low module weight.
  • Intelligent framework for technical safety, flexibility and homogeneous design


There are now several reports in which it has been officially and independently tested that PERC solar cells give better results at “low” light levels as is the case in the Netherlands. In combination with glass-glass panels, the panels deliver more kWh per kWp; with much less risk of moisture, microcracks and other damage from outside weather.

However, research also shows that high-efficiency cells such as PERC cells are more sensitive to moisture and oxygen. That is also why it is advisable to use a combination of PERC photovoltaic cells and glass-glass solar panels. The PV boards are packed much better and are thus best protected against oxygen and moisture.

More Yeld in cloudy weather

The light has another advantage. Cloud ensures that less energy reaches the earth. The cloud acts as a filter, in which mainly the colours with shorter wavelengths are filtered out. More light with a longer wavelength reaches the earth. And that is indeed the area where PERC cells give more efficiency.

The advantages clearly outweigh this disadvantage, at the world’s largest Photovoltaic exhibition and conference it appears that many solar panel manufacturers have used PERC for both monocrystalline and polycrystalline silicon panels.

Quote from Ulica
“We were the first manufacturer to apply this technique to multi-crystalline” half-cut “silicon cells around 2015”

“We later improved the technique by making PERC suitable for N-Type mono-crystalline PV modules, where the backs of the cells are fully diffused, without small holes. The passivation layer developed by us is known as Passivated Emitter Rear Cell Totally Diffused (PERT). Which not only prevents recombination but also keeps the temperature low.”

Why choose Ulica Solar?
The company cooperates with world-renowned suppliers such as Centrotherm, Baccini and Gorosabel and develops innovative, reliable and high-quality products. Moreover, they have all certificates, and the panels meet the strictest requirements.

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Ulica Mono PERC 370w


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